Avrita Gupta


Enabling Senior living housing

Currently Ahmedabad is having population of 85 Lakhs, which constitutes 9% of Senior citizen population. Out of which, 6% of population demand senior living in Ahmedabad. It is an emerging concept, due to the growing rate of senior citizens as observed in age-sex pyramid. There are two Old age homes and various types of Senior living observed in Ahmedabad. These senior living are operated by various stakeholders, like Trust, NGOs, private etc. There is one Independent senior living in Ahmedabad, which is different from other schemes in design aspects. Various proposals for different types of Senior living are also thought about.

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Demand and supply of senior living in Ahmedabad

Scenario of senior living in Ahmedabad

Old age homes in Ahmedabad

Proposals for Old age homes in Ahmedabad

Independent Senior living in Ahmedabad

Community living in Ahmedabad ( operated by private)

Community living in Ahmedabad( operated by Trust and NGOs)

Proposals for Independent and Community living

Case study on nursing homes and proposals