Virendra Ravindra Dhanak


Provisionary support for urban homeless

The portfolio showcases the work of the Housing Strategy Studio, which aims to develop a variety of housing sub-strategies that disperse housing alternatives among all income levels to successfully address Ahmedabad's housing affordability problem. it involves evaluating housing approaches for the homeless in Ahmedabad, along with a comprehensive review and analysis of existing programs, policies, and regulations such as DAY-NULM, the BOCW Act, and street vending regulations. This three-pronged housing strategy aims to address the pressing needs of urban homeless individuals in Ahmedabad, focusing on pavement dwellers, migrant construction workers, and street vendors. By identifying key issues and offering targeted solutions, these policies seek to create a more inclusive and supportive urban environment.

Report Content

Housing Situation assessment of Ahmedabad city

Understanding housing flow through analysis of RERA repository

Homelessness in Ahmedabad

DAY-NULM: Shelter for urban homeless

Ahmedabad homeless shelter

Ahmedabad homeless shelter: Situation assessment and propositions

Homeless construction labour, BOCW act 1996

Homeless construction labour situation assessment and propositions

Homeless street vendors, Street vending act 2014

Homeless street vendors situation assessment and propositions