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Donga Nil Jitubhai


Repair & Retrofitting of Heritage Properties with HTDR

With HTDR, residents of the walled city can access financial benefits to repair/restoration their heritage properties, preventing dilapidation and contributing to the revitalization of their neighborhood. In 2017, AMC/AUDA empowers residents to leverage their heritage status and generate funds for restoration efforts, promoting Sustainable Urban Development. HTDR works as a mechanism for bridging the gap between economic stability and social equity, as well as conflict resolution. HTDR enables the repair and retrofitting of heritage properties; additionally, as part of the reforms in the current framework, HTDR percentages should be increased and also Maintenance, Precinct Level, and Package HTDRs are proposed.

Report Content

Situation Assessment

TDR Introduction

TDR absorption

Heritage Introduction

HTDR Holders

Current framework & Baseline Process

HTDR Analysis

HTDR Reforms

Private Housing Redevelopment