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Sakshi Kotalwar


In-Situ Redevelopment of slums through TDR mechanism

In-Situ Redevelopment of Slums with, PPP Model is an effective model to improve the quality of life, habitat and social capital of the slum dwellers. This strategy generates TDR as viability gap funding for developers to recover the cost of construction. This VGF has led to generation of 1876 Cr. worth of TDR in the market. Analyzing the policy and TDR mechanism through case studies and realizing the potential of TDR market and its uptake in future market is crucial this in turn will shed light upon, future growing TDR markets in Ahmedabad.

Report Content

Understanding existing policy framework

Baseline process of redevelopment and TDR generation and TDR utilization areas

TDR generation and year on year TDR distribution

TDR market rate and bulk holders

Tracing and Analyzing TDR transaction and TDR recipients

Utilization of TDR in Ahmedabad

Uptake of TDR in market

Optimum utilization of well serviced land in core city and quality of housing of redeveloped component provided through policy

Quality of built environment, negative externalities due to TDR and limitation and flaws to the policy

Reforms and proposals to current policy framework and future potential redevelopment and TDR generated through it