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Anushka Ashish Chokshi


Public Housing Redevelopment with TDR Mechanism

Access to affordable, formal housing units and suitable shelter has decreased, especially for individuals not served by the market and those living below the poverty threshold. This has led to housing shortage in the city, characterized by deteriorating or substandard living conditions over the past decade. Public Housing Redevelopment, 2016 Policy aids the development of dilapidated buildings to help upgrade the housing stock of the city along with optimal utilization of land in the core of the city. TDR mechanism is enabling redeveloped buildings to optimally utilize the land in the core of the city.  

Report Content

Overview of Ahmedabad City

Reviewing the Policy with TDR baseline process


Analysing the quality of built environment

Reforms to current framework

TDR Analysis via Case Study

Analysing TDR absorption in the market with its impact on surrounding sites

Analysing TDR flow in the city

Generation and Absorption of TDR in each zone

TDR Absorption due to future potential projects in the city