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Dhara Kalpeshbhai Desai


Informal settlement to Formal settlement in Ahmedabad

 City-wide slum improvement strategies involve assessing the viability of slum areas, distinguishing between tenable and untenable ones. For untenable slums, resettlement and relocation plans are devised. This includes constructing housing units via Affordable Housing Program (AHP) on free sale land or in-situ slum redevelopment through Public-Private Partnership (PPP). The strategy also incorporates providing free and improved housing, with some units allocated in Socially and Economically Weaker Sections (SEWS) sites under AHP. Slum upgrade programs focus on basic infrastructure, incremental approaches, and land security. A comprehensive capital investment plan and policy reforms ensure sustainable development. Synthesizing these efforts forms a city-wide slum improvement capital investment plan, envisioning a brighter future for urban areas.      

Report Content

Introduction to Studio

Understanding the City Ahmedabad

Looking at Current Housing Market of Ahmedabad

Looking at 13 Micro-Market of Ahmedabad

Understanding Slums of Ahmedabad and Tenability Assessment

Looking at the Future Stratergies for Slums

New Policy Reform for "In-situ Slum Upgrade"

Capital Plan & R&R Policy Introduction

Analyzing Current Situation & Policy Reforms

City Wide Synthesis for Housing Aspiration for City of Ahmedabad