Faculty: Parth Patel | Forum Shah

TA: Aparnaa C.

Space Between Buildings

Communal spaces are crucial to the everyday life of people. Communal spaces allow for real-life social interaction that the current generation struggles within today?s introverted world. Facilitating chance encounters and developing a sense of community is an unrealized demand for neighbourhood-level socio-cultural spaces that many cities are facing. The amount of social interaction, whether intentional or incidental, is directly linked to people?s mental well-being.

Spaces between buildings within neighbourhoods provide an opportunity to become such incidental spaces. Physical Planning of such spaces influences patterns of activities to create a better or worse environment for the community. The studio focused on catalysing social interaction in spaces between buildings in varied urban fabric scenarios. The design interventions imagined such spaces as a socially vibrant and active environment that became an extension of the everyday social life of residing people.

Studio Unit

Studio Brief and Schedule

Module 1: Site Study and Mapping

Module 2 and 3: Vision, Concept Formulation and Program Development

Developing design, narrative, and representative diagrams to communicate design ideas

Exploring material and construction details