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Priyanka Suresh Kamthe


Integrating Non-Motorized Transport with Public Transit

This project focuses on enhancing non-motorized transport to increase public transport ridership in the case city of Ahmedabad which can be provided by improving transit infrastructure, facilitating seamless transfers, and providing safe last-mile connectivity. A square km area around one of the interchange hubs is assessed which caters to many trip attracting nodes, to understand walkability through audits, path analysis, infrastructure assessment and information availability to reach the interchange hub. Proposals include complete streets, junction improvement, provision of adequate information and universal accessibility. Overall, it aims to contribute to Ahmedabad's urban mobility enhancement through integrated transport planning strategies. 

Report Content

Introduction | Objective of the Study & Site Selection

Site Overview | Road Network, Street Connectivity & Public Transport Catchment Analysis

Land Use & Activity Mapping | Major Trip Attracting Nodes

Walkability Audit | First & Last Mile Connectivity

Path Analysis | Movement between Modes

Junction Improvement | Movement between Modes

Way-finding Intervention | First & Last Mile Connectivity & Movement between Modes

Infrastructure Assessment & Intervention

Infrastructure Assessment & Intervention

Cost Estimates of Proposed Interventions