Faculty: Nitika Bhakuni | Shalini Sinha

TA: Garima Munjal

Strategic Plan for Urban Transport System

The transportation system in Indian cities is at a crucial juncture. Increased reliance on personalised modes of transport is leading to higher congestion levels, environmental pollution, and road accidents. This trend is not sustainable and recognising this, Indian cities prepare Comprehensive Mobility Plans (CMP) outlining long term goals and strategies for the transportation system. This studio titled as "Strategic Transportation Plan" aims to focus on developing a roadmap for a transport subsystem and identify actions towards implementation of strategies in line with the goals set out in the CMP document. This year the focus would be on the public transport (PT) sub-system. The studio would deal with two key questions: ?Why is the public transport ridership in cities not increasing? ?How can the PT mode share targets set out as part of Comprehensive Mobility Plans be achieved? Ahmedabad has been taken as a case city this year. This targeted approach to public transport will be crucial in helping students understanding the city characteristics in terms of economy, activity patterns, and transportation systems, identifying land-use transportation issues (with specific emphasis on public transport), understanding commuter perspectives about PT, and outline interventions for developing an attractive PT system for all residents of the city. After completing the studio, the student will be able to: ? appreciate interactions between economy, land use and transport, in particular the targeted transport subsystem in the city ? undertake baseline analysis by using secondary information and/or conducting necessary transport surveys and identify issues pertaining to the transport sub-system. ? systemically analyze and interpret data for transport sub-system planning ? identify and design interventions and their phasing in line with the outlined goal of the strategic plan taking into consideration the institutional and financial considerations

Studio Unit

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ITERATION 01: Plan and Policy Review

ITERATION 02: Baseline Analysis for Ahmedabad City

ITERATION 03: Formulation of Strategies and Proposal

ITERATION 03: Formulation of Strategies and Proposal