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Devilal Gajendra Pimple


Parking - Nobody owns the space, but everybody uses

Ahmedabad, as the economic centre of Gujarat, is witnessing an increase in private vehicle registrations due to an increase in employment opportunities and economic progress. As individuals opt for private vehicles over public transport for ease, there is a decline in the use of public transit and a rise in daily private vehicle trips. This trend has made on-street parking a popular choice for its convenience, leading to parking encroachments and subsequent traffic congestion. The portfolio aims to outline the present situation of parking management in Ahmedabad and propose new parking solutions.

Report Content

City Context and Regional Importance

Travel Characteristics and Vehicle Registration

Road Network

Review of AMC Parking Policy

Parking Provision by AMC and On-Street Parking Encroachment

Encroachment on PT Routes and Parking Enforcement

Learnings from International Case Studies and Proposal

Proposal and Existing Parking Charges by AMC

Proposed Parking Charges and Enforcement Strategies