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Prateek Joseph


Strategic Plan for Public Transport- Case of Ahmedabad

The following is a project to outline a public transport sub-system strategy and action plan for enhancing public transport ridership in the city of Ahmedabad. Firstly analyzing Indian regulations and Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) in Indian cities, to know their framework and issues to understand their drawbacks. Internationally, Singapore's Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) prioritizes efficient public transport and safety. User feedback from Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) informs interventions like skywalks, linking metro, BRT, and AMTS stops for seamless travel. These examples illustrate how policy frameworks and user insights drive effective urban transport solutions.

Report Content

Aim and structure

Regulations in Indian cities

Indian case study

International case study

User perception

Public transport accessibility at Rabari Colony

PT transfer and first mile/ last mile connectivity at Rabari Colony


Interventions 3D illustrations

Interventions cost estimates