Priya Dharshini M


Mode Shift Scenarios

Some of the factors contributing to Ahmedabad's declining public transport usage are the integration of Integrated Public Transport (IPT) routes, which heavily overlap the city's current Public Transport (PT) network. Because the IPT system primarily serves as stage carriage and deviates from the accepted contract carriage paradigm, this overlap lowers PT ridership. The goal is to reverse this trend and increase the number of people using public transportation by identifying obstacles and suggesting solutions for mode shifts. The assessment of IPT network competitiveness and the recommendation of substitute scenarios are crucial among these. The ultimate goal is to optimize the system to satisfy Ahmedabad people' transportation needs by raising the PT mode share to 30%.

Report Content

Introduction - City Context

Strategic Plan Case study - London

Strategic Plan Case study - Auckland

Intermediate Public Transport - Existing Situation Analysis

Intermediate Public Transport - User Perspective Analysis

Mode Share- Existing Scenario

Mode Shift - Logit Analysis

Mode Shift Scenarios

Revenue and Operating ratios