Faculty: Kartikeya Shodhan

From Drawing Board to Construction Sites

It is observed that fresh graduates feel ‘lost’ when they take the plunge into the real world of building construction! This studio aims at giving students an exposure to the practical aspects of the industry, during academic period.
Exercises are designed such that learning from each one is expected to reflect through students’ individual design projects. Students will spend one full day every week of the semester with artisans at a construction site, apart from carrying out market research for building materials, and interacting with experienced people.
Design project this semester, is a part of a live project and limited to a smaller scale to facilitate better resolution and greater detailing. Emphasis will be on producing good quality working drawings; hand-drawn in the first half and computer-aided in the second half. Hands-on construction with real materials will be explored once their design projects have reached a certain level of resolution.