Faculty: Ruchi Mehta | Ruhee Gala

Brand Building through Spatial Design

This studio will focus on developing design approach for using spatial design as a tool for brand building. It will include carrying out research to understand the brand, development of strategy and development of design details. The students will select their own design problems / brand for this studio. They will have to select a brand based on following criteria:
• A brand that is looking to diversify and expand its product/service portfolio
• A brand that is primarily an online brand that is looking to build a flagship store
• A brand primarily into dealership model looking to build an experience center
• A brand that is looking to re-vamp its brand image
• A brand that is for a new product/service category
The students will have to develop an interpretation of brand’s overall strategy and produce spatial design solutions that contribute in its brand building and present the design with a complete set of drawings, models and views.