Faculty: Jayant Gunjaria | Viral Bhavsar

TA: Mohik Acharya

The City and Performance spaces – Performance spaces as Urban catalysts

All arts are expression of the drama that human life creates. Art has the ability to transform and present complex intellectual-rational issues in a very accessible manner to general masses, which in turn has profound impact on collective functioning of that society. Performing arts are the mediums that celebrate human drama in the most direct, accessible and vibrant and manner. Performing arts are about expressions that are experienced by the collective and are primary manifestation of the socio-cultural processes of the given society.

It can be noticed from pre-historical times through beginning of the civilizations and middle Ages to modern times, performing arts and rituals are enriching the human existence and thought beyond primary concerns of survival and propagation. It is then vital to understand the role of performing arts in socio-cultural development that is responsible for generating the image and vision of the city. This generates the inquiry about the nature of spaces, which generates, allows and enables the environments where performances can take place. It also looks at how those specific contexts allow certain kinds of performances and in turn how performances and the spaces that host them influence their contexts.

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