Faculty: Shailesh Manke | Moksh Thapar

TA: Vibhuti Shah

Emotions, Expressions & Experiences in Interior Spaces - A Systems Approach

Space affect our mood, personality and temperament. A well-designed space is not only helpful in the functional aspects but also helps in aesthetically enriching and physiologically enhancing it. To achieve these objectives and goals any design organizes and arranges its parts into a coherent whole. This forms the basis of systems thinking – the process of understanding how elements within a system or space interact and influence one another.

The course intended to create evocative experiences in interior spaces through emotions and expressions, making use of design principles and by incorporating a holistic and rational approach of Systems thinking. Using the 9-6-5 theory as a tool, 9 Emotions-6 Expressions, 5-Experiences to create a spatial language and further a spatial story, weaving all together holistically to create expressive spaces.

The spatial solutions were an integration of functional elements and thematic elements which could be installations, three dimensional settings, dioramas and technology driven elements. This was achieved through small sensorial exercises and bringing all together to form a large space. The tools used for this were series of concept sketches, study models leading to technical drawings, physical and digital models


Site and Designers

Research and Studies

Design Development

Final Outcome