Faculty: Shreya Nanavaty | Abhishek Jani

TA: Vidhi Bhow


Cities are growing at vast scales in both globalization as well as population growth. In urban India, it is leading to severe problems such as homelessness, unhygienic conditions and lack of natural environment which require us to pay heed to housing facilities. This has prompted the prime basis of this studio. Living spaces are barely brunt of population explosion and mass migration. To elevate the problem of low quality spaces, this studio focused on how to address this problem from different angles.
The studio aimed at rethinking the term “house” and developing some innovative solutions for ‘living modules’ for upcoming urban India. The aim of the studio was to design a solution which can be integrated as a design insert in the vacant landmarks of busy cities. We considered reusing the existing piece of vacant land/site in middle of busy cities to deliberately allow culturally and economically diverse group of occupants, local-new comers as well as migrants to live together. Studio ‘NeeD’ we re-defined the term ‘living modules’ by working on designing futuristic solutions to address the housing problems of today.

Sectional perspective and site plan showing relationship between multiple living pods

Visualising spaces in between two pods, two wings of the site and interior elements within the living pod

Living pod design - Interior elements resonates with the conceptual form

Design development of living pod

Design development