Faculty: Dexter Pereira

TA: Shivam Vaidya

Reuse & Revive: Hospitality spaces

Focus of the studio was on the detailed design of interior spaces and elements framed by critical interrogation of key debates, positions and practices in conservation & reuse. Studio explored the notion of socio-cultural context while developing an appreciation for built fabric with heritage values. The core of the studio dwelled into creating meaning of place, sensitive to its earlier roots while superimposing a new function with respect to user experience.

Initial weeks of studio were focused on introducing and sensitizing students about the meaning of adaptive reuse by undertaking case studies and specific research exercises (which includes socio-cultural, contextual & regulatory aspects of adaptive reuse). Students then explored in-depth reasons & attitudes revolving around user experience, material use, tectonics using models explaining interventions & inferences. This combined knowledge was put to test via series of time problems exploring spatial possibilities.

Post spatial explorations, students were required to reflect upon their learning & cohesively design with respect to a given hospitality program on a heritage site. They also worked on resolving interior environment quality with reference to interior services integral to such projects.

Studio Brief & Site Introduction

Stage 1: Research Exercises

Stage 2: Design Exercises

Stage 3: Programme and Conceptual Development

Stage 4: Final Design Project