Faculty: Kuber Patel | Ahmed Abbas Momin

Algorithmic Thinking – A Parametric Approach to Problem Solving

Designing over the years has become increasingly complex. Using conventional tools and work-flows are no longer sufficient to keep up. Designer should now rise to the challenge of re-configuring themselves to align with the system, flow and exchanges that shape a new area of design and production. Computational design is an approach to problem-solving that uses algorithms to synthesize information, imagination, and intent. In this course we streamlined creativity into an iterative framework addressing different design solutions in a time-boxed data driven environment. The course is focused on the dynamics of complex systems of the natural world, with an identification of the operative spatial and temporal scales of their phenomena and their critical thresholds. All design approach started by breaking down the large complex architectural aspects into procedure and was later optimized through an iterative process. Students acquired experience to develop designs by experimenting, analyzing and evaluating results that could make well informed design decisions, making the final proposal more intuitive and optimal as per the given set of aspects they wished to explore.