Faculty: Vishwanath Kashikar

The Practice

Design studios are centered on ‘a’ design project. In practice, however, the project is substantially influenced by multiple dimensions of architectural practice. This studio explored the impact of practices’ vision, structuring of people, and standardized design processes on architecture.

Studio discussions based on readings on the theory of practice and interpretations based on visits and interviews of 17 design practices in Ahmedabad helped students articulate their ideology in the first half of the studio.

Subsequently, the students participated in a design competition [Unschool Copenhagen]. This was done in groups of two to encourage sharpening of individual ideologies through a process of discussion and negotiation. This was followed by two simultaneous projects- one decided by the students as an ideal project for the practice, and a common project [night shelter in Ahmedabad].

These projects served as means to arrive at design processes that aid in translating a vision [ideology] into reality [building].

Based on the learnings from the design projects, students spent the last two weeks reflecting upon and designing various aspects of an architectural practice. This studio provided a platform to critically examine the role of architectural practice on architectural design decisions.