Faculty: Shailesh Manke | Moksh Thapar

Creating Theme Pavilions for Expositions (EXPO)

The studio created thematic environments through various design processes and principles, in form of graphical and sculptural installations which became the space making elements for the desired thematic environment. The thematic elements defined the space – made the space – transformed the space.

The students developed strong individual concepts deriving from the general theme “Sync with Nature”. They further translated their individual theme into three dimensional objects, keeping program and functionality in mind. The whole project revolved around an actual convention, set at Mahatma Mandir, about “Migratory Species”. This convention guided us not only regarding the overall concept but also regarding the program requirements and functional aspects. The program, given by the government, gives rigid descriptions about interior space planning but neglects the central open space of the site. During the semester, students developed individual themes, the overall layout and concentrated on experiential installations in the central spine of Mahatma Mandir, creating a theme-based landscape of functional and experiential installations.

Completion of this studio brought out a complete shift in the “approach to design” in students. The learning outcomes were understanding the importance, creation, and manifestation of a theme in built environments.