Faculty: Ajay c Patel

Designing a Structure

The idea of a living is continually changing but the fundamental of structures remain unchanged. It is believed that good structural systems are organizations of responsible components sharing respective duties within the whole and harboring strong connections with each other. Through this studio, the students developed a critical understanding about structural elements and systems. They studied different case studies to analyze efficient forms, structural systems and construction details knowing the material properties (compressive-tensile mix). The students expressed their own rational and pragmatic opinions about the interdependent relationship between forms, structural elements and design spaces. The ability of critical observation and analysis was achieved through a series of exercises, model making, and discussions with other faculties. Finally, their creative output was to design a small functional space about 250 area. The design engagement provided enough complexity to understand spatial organization, structural systems, and construction challenges. They had their individual choices of material and functional setup. The output of sketches, drawings, and 3D/ physical models communicated their critical analysis and design ideas.