Faculty: Anand Belhe | Kaulav Bhagat


Government is aggressively pursuing reform through new policies and initiatives, from macro to micro. All government bodies such as national government to gram panchayat play an important role for better and maximum governance. One of it being an attempt to provide comfortable environments for its employees in various sectors. Buildings, interior spaces, and furniture immediately affect and inspire to work efficiently. This studio had two main focuses; one of internal government operations and second being government initiatives that affect common people who use government facilities i.e. public amenities. This also provides opportunity for designers to create better design solutions to meet the requirements of people and promote the vision of government for a better future. This studio focused on improvisation of work-spaces of government bodies by providing better furniture systems. All different types of government boards, offices and secretariat need different systems based on its working methods and requirements. All these can be solved by system thinking approach and design processes. There are core and peripheral issues of furniture which were dealt with during this studio to come up with appropriate solutions.
The studio outcome focused more on the individual component drawings and production drawings for the system of furniture with an in depth understanding of material specifications and manufacturing.