Faculty: Shailesh Manke

TA: Vibhuti Shah

SIMPLY FOLD- From Flat Surface to Kinetic Surfaces

SIMPLY FOLD: From Flat Surfaces to Kinetic Surfaces.

Using orthographic and isometric grid to develop 3D surfaces
with Origamic Architecture (also referred to as Kirigami,
Pop-up, Ullagami) as the main tool from a flat sheet of paper,
acrylic or metal.

Origamic architecture (OA) involves the three-dimensional
reproduction of architecture, geometric patterns, everyday
objects, or other images, on various scales, using cut-out
and folded paper, usually thin paperboard.

The basic premise is to use small card size medium to
visualize and develop 3D surfaces to be transformed into
kinetic surfaces for spaces. The 3D surfaces can be
interpreted as space making elements like light fixtures,
furniture and kinetic surfaces for vertical and horizontal
The idea behind this studio is to work with folded models in various materials to arrive at solutions. The semester would primarily would have an hands on approach. Use of technology wherever required would be used appropriately .
Works of pioneers like Mashahiro Chatani, Ingrid Silakus
and Paul Jackson would become the reference from
where the explorations of this subject would be carried

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Simply Fold


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