Faculty: Nimit Killawala | Prateek Banerjee

TA: Elika Sinha

Workplace Neighborhoods

The Flexible workspace phenomenon has spiked the demand for co- working space in metropolitan cities in India. However unlike monofunctional and generic office buildings located in CBD’s, these typologies work best in civic environment, supported by community / civic institutions offering an eco system, wherein individuals can tap into networks of collaborations offered within their immediate neighborhood. Freelancers are no more isolated, small businesses have the flexibility to expand and shrink as required. The focus is to achieve a rich urban environment that could attract a young workforce and keep them motivated.
Precinct surrounding Sandhurst road rail yard along the eastern edge of Mumbai, is selected as the potential site for intervention. Its connectivity to both Central and Harbor lines, and proximity to the Eastern free way allows for a strategic location. Further, the proposed Eastern Waterfront development, can potentially offer the much needed resource for certain industries to thrive in this area. The studio will is interested in the landward side repercission of such large scale Urban Developments

Studio Unit

Critique of Mono - Functional workplace typologies

Identifying and Mapping the Neighbourhood

Evolving Synergies

Neighbourhood + Site Strategy

Program - Mix + Timeline Strategy