Abishai Choragudi


A Seating Artefact: The Wing

"Nature is a letter from God to man" -Prof. Kireet Patel      
Why are the joints of the Manta Ray's skeleton staggered? Can this structure help us solve a design problem in a relevant context?
How is the pneumatic skeleton aiding it's motion? Can we emulate this to improve a product which deals with mobility? 
The form finding process is constantly informed by a multitude of confilcting vectors, and in the process of resolving these conflicts the form emerges. In this project, the two main factors were the needs and desires of the user vs. the principles abstracted from the natural element.

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Report Content

Understanding the Element and Extracting it's Essence

Exploring the Natural Element; It's Structure, Motion and Form

Product Explorations and Site Study

Understanding the Relationships between Material and Form

Technical Drawings: Sections cut at each Interpolated Posture

Expository Isometric Diagram: Materials, Finishes and Details

Transforming the Beach Experience: A Visualisation

Transforming the Beach Experience: Roles of an Artefact

The Journey of Form Finding

Project Video