Faculty: Nilang Pandya | Shirishkumar Patel

TA: Jeny Dave

Design in Detail

This studio aims at looking at the design practice with the aim of execution of the idea and how the design is essentially a sum of its details. How these details working together in a synchronized manner makes a meaningful architecture.
The idea is to find an underlying intent and clarity with reason in the design process through details. How these ideas are made in a construction practice is also of the utmost importance. Being able to articulate an idea in a drawing is equally essential to conceptualizing.
To start, students will take up an existing building to deconstruct & document it and understand design intentions, materials, structure, details and services.
Design program of the studio focuses on creating a farmer’s market- promoting a platform where farmers provide products to visitors along with other supporting functions.
A parallel exercise to study details in ongoing sites and learn the execution aspects.

Studio Unit

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