Faculty: Mitesh Panchal | Anagha Joshi

TA: Vishnu Vasudevan

Learning Spaces: Beyond Schooling

The constantly evolving educational system, deals with views on a desirable society, on specific learning methods and training of future teachers. An overlooked important aspect is the need to reflect on the Learning Environment, the spatial context in which education takes place. Unbind the Learning spaces, It can become a place to meet, for discoveries and learning in the neighbourhood.
The Studio focuses on learning spaces that are beyond Learning needs “multifunctional”, that have the potential to become the centre in the neighbourhood. Learning spaces would be designed for 5 to 15 years age group. The sites would be located in urban areas, dense neighbourhoods of two different geographical contexts and climates to learn climate response, construction technology, and material order of that particular zone.

Studio Unit

Making of Program

Site and Neighborhood Study

Climate Understanding

Construction integration

Outcome & Presentation