Faculty: Vaissnavi Shukl | Karan Saharya

TA: Yakin Kinger

Lutyens, Dilli

‘Lutyens, Dilli’ is focused on a multi-layered study of Lutyens’ Delhi, which has witnessed tremendous transformation over the last two centuries; from a pre-colonial agrarian settlement, to the seat of power for the British imperial regime, to the political center of Indian democracy, to now being a laboratory for architectural experimentation. The studio is structured around four modules: first, research (field and archival) and data collection; second, curation and narrative-building; third, critical analysis; and fourth, communication of ideas using creative mediums at a public forum. Participants will be expected to culminate their projects in creative mediums that contribute to the existing public scholarship, such as maps, podcasts, videos, etc. The student will learn to relook at ‘familiar’ places, and probe into the parallel histories to build well-informed narratives of their own interpretations of the site.

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Module 1: Reading & Discussing

Module 2: Travelling, recording & reflecting

Module 3: Analysis

Module 4: Student work