Faculty: Sachin Soni

TA: Bageshri Thakar

Realizing Nolli’s Dream: Embedding Architecture in the City

Nolli’s map of Rome holds unique significance for architects and urbanists these days. It counters a tendency to see buildings as isolated objects outside the very context that gives them life and meaning.
Inspired from Nolli’s map, this studio will focus on developing a conceptual and critical approach to architectural design where buildings are not seen as ‘isolated events’, but are deeply and intrinsically embedded in the fabric of the city.
Studio aims to reimagine typologies of civic/infrastructure projects in Indian cities which do not respond to their immediate context due to conventional architectural approaches and end up becoming inaccessible parts of the city.
Objective of this studio is to architecturally reinterpret existing types of civic buildings/infrastructure in cities, well integrated within their urban contexts. Based on strong contextual awareness, the studio will explore various programmatic strategies and architectural alternatives which make projects more accessible and public in character.

Studio Unit