Faculty: Erroll Pires | Shubhra Singh

TA: Vibhuti Shah

Braids of Joy (Craft of Camel Belt making utilizing Ply-Split Braiding)

The studio aims to provide an opportunity to the students to associate with a rare craft tradition. By capturing and imbibing the nuances of various embodied aspects, holistically.

The craft of Camel Belt Making is ancient and on the decline for its intended use. Practiced by craftspersons in western desert region of India, the craft utilizes a lesser known, non-loom technique known as Ply-Split Braiding. The technique is kept alive, shared and celebrated for nearly 4 decades through Erroll’s works, which continues, now along with Shubhra.

Following a step by step introduction (from fiber to finished product) for wholesome learning, students shall engage in observation, research, visualizing, planning, organizing, constructing combined with hands-on, learning by doing experience. Encompassing the grandeurs and intricacies of the craft, as in the past, acting as a guide to Discover and Reinvent; keeping in mind the opportunities undefined constraints of the present times.

Studio Unit

Introduction to the studio: Braids of Joy

Studio Brief

Learning the Basics

Concept & Design Development

Final Outcome