Faculty: Varun Yadav | Dhawal Mistry

TA: Tavishi Raval | Ahan Pujari

Engineering Sustainability: Impact of Design, Materials and Technologies

India is the second fasted growing economy in the world and within India, construction industry is the second largest after agriculture. The real estate development is one of the most energy and resource intensive sectors in India.
Real estate sector represents a large percentage of overall energy consumption, and contributes 40% of the carbon emissions driving climate change. Yet buildings also offer opportunities for substantial, economical energy efficiency gains. From retrofit projects to new construction, buildings require a context-specific design process that integrates efficiency strategies and technologies. In this course, students will be introduced to basic technologies and analytical techniques for designing data driven resource-efficient buildings.
The primary focus of this course will be studying the thermal and luminous behavior of buildings and enhanced performance.

Studio Unit