Faculty: Minu Agarwal | Rajan Rawal

TA: Dharmin Bhandari

Lighting and Integrated Design Lab (IDL) and Whole Building Design (WBD)

The Lighting and Integrated Design Lab(IDL) and Whole Bldg Design (WBD) is offered in the 3rd semester in the MBEP program. It is offered in two modules of 8 weeks each. The first module prepares the students for evaluating electric lighting and daylighting solutions for building energy efficiency; and the second module allows for integration of learnings in the BEP program namely Passive Comfort, HVAC, Lighting, Daylighting and Communications. This course introduces the students to concepts required for lighting design including daylighting, assess designs and technologies using simulations and real building measurements. Through hands-on experimentation and design problems, students are encouraged to not just understand existing codes, but also develop a critical viewpoint on them. In the second half of the semester, the students work on an individual whole building design exercise where the final deliverable is a code compliant building having regards to cost and economics.

Studio Unit

Whole building design (WBD) begins with breaking the complexity of the building into performance metrics and energy flows that matter most.

Theoretical understanding of building physics is bolstered through measurement and experimentation work.

We build upon understanding of physical properties of light and energy to quantify impact on indoor and outdoor environment

In the WBD module there is added emphasis to understand the indoor environment of buildings spatially and over time.

IDL-WBD studio equips students to propose cost effective, energy efficient design solutions that cater to multiple facets of human comfort and well being (physiological and psychological).