Faculty: Gauri Bharat | Priyanka Kanhare

TA: Richa Bihari

AHR Foundation Studio

The foundation studio trains students in core skills of surveying and analysing historic built environments. Students learn to observe and document a selected site, work with different modes of representation, and analyse different architectural attributes of lived historic environments. Following these exercises, the students produced a timeline of architectural transformation.
The larger intention was to introduce and train students to investigate how architectural shifts are connected to wider transformative forces that have shaped our habitations at various points in time and how they may be framed as sites of historical significance. The studio takes as its starting point the built environments-cities, neighbourhoods, market places, housing sites, industrial landscapes, to name just a few embedded in the larger networks of relationships. The methodology of the studio was to inculcate in the students, involves rigorous architectural analysis (of spatial configuration, typology, materiality and aesthetics), overlaid with narratives of people’s experiences.

Studio Unit

Part 1: Critical reflections on architectural representation + Introduction to sites of study

Part 2: Conducting literature survey and engaging with sources of historical information on Mundra and Mandvi

Part 3: Analysis and writing

Glimpses of the studio