Faculty: Kireet Patel | Aparajita Basu | Vishal Joshi | Vaibhavi Thakkar Desai

TA: Alagappan Swaminathan | Jhanavi Parikh | Nusratjahan Shaikh

The Big Rethink: Tectonic Materiality of Interior Elements

The Big Rethink is a series of postgraduate interior design studios focused on developing a multitude of notions, approaches, positions and arguments within the interior design field. This semester, the fourth one in the series, the studio challenged the concept of Tectonic Materiality of interior elements. It offered an opportunity to develop a design position in different contexts by questioning preconceived notions of interior design. It emphasized the relationship between Interior elements and tectonic materiality through experience, organization and construction. The studio focused on representing experiential and ephemeral qualities, planning and organizing strategies, detailing and construction techniques, exploring the relationship of interior elements and tectonic materiality.

Studio Unit

Design Boot Camp

Generating a Hypothesis

Expressing the Hypothesis

Organizing Materiality

Materialising the Interior Specialisation

Student Projects