Faculty: Ramya Ramesh | Harshil Parekh

TA: Priya Bhadja

Designing With People

AR2018 Designing with People S23 Public schools in India face several challenges with regards to infrastructure, funding and teaching staff. While the challenges are different in rural and urban areas, the governance structure and social context can create unique constraints within which such schools function. This studio explored the role of architecture in bridging the gap between policy provisions, physical infrastructure and contextual constraints by codesigning a school with children and other stakeholders. Students reimagined learning spaces in rural areas, keeping in mind the New Education Policy and aspirations of people on ground. Throughout the studio, they developed tools and methods to understand the physical and social context, refine the programme and evolve the physical design through user engagement. The design process was underpinned by a critical ethos of empathy, focussing on creating a sense of pride and ownership for the community, while optimizing resources.

Studio Unit

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Studio Context

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