Faculty: Jahnavi Bhatt

TA: Sarthak Patel

Nature, Place and Built-expression

The studio aimed to understand a phenomenological approach to an ‘architecture of a place.’ It took on a deeply attentive process for making a built environment rooted in the place. The design process begun with an understanding of a natural landscape (geographic region) by observing, recording, and analysing it first-hand. This was followed by arriving at built articulations through distinct attributes derived from the place and program. Attributes such as Siting (relation to ground and sky), Enclosure (boundaries and interaction), space movement relationships, Light and structure relationships, etc.; were key to manifesting the built form. The studio focussed on establishing a relationship with the environment through our experience as a learning tool. It also aimed to answer the question of “how” a built form takes shape through its elements and their nature, as a response to the place.

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