Faculty: Bhargav Tewar

Evaluating compressive strength parameters of Ultra High Performance Concrete(UHPC)

Last two decades have witnessed significant changes in concrete as a material and UHPC is one of the recent developments. It shows excellent rheological behaviors such as workability, self-compacting properties, improved in mechanical and durability performance with very high compressive strength. It is the ‘futuristic material having potential to be a widely recommended solution to conventional concrete for improving the sustainability in construction industry including infrastructure components. UHPC has several advantages over conventional concrete but the use of it is limited due to the high cost and limited design codes. This research is an attempt to develop a mix design of UHPC which shows compressive strength more than 110 MPa at the age of 28 days. Trials will be carried out by exploring different ingredients to develop a suitable mix to achieve the targeted strength. Improvement in the concrete compressive strength leads to a significant reduction in structural member size as well as self-weight of the structural elements, which ultimately results in project cost reduction and structural aesthetic enhancement.