Faculty: Pavni Pandya

TA: Harsh Gohel | Umangkumar Patel

Geotechnical Parameters: Influencing Design of Foundation Systems

Foundation is a critical part of any civil structure and plays a significant role in the overall safety of a structure. A good foundation design aims at a safe, sustainable as well as economical foundation. Foundation rests on soil, hence soil plays a crucial role in the foundation design of a structure. The soil properties can be found with the help of site investigation and by conducting various field as well as laboratory tests on soil. Students were exposed to soil exploration work on site. Required soil tests were performed on soil in the laboratory to define different soil properties and predict its behaviour. Students carried out required calculations and designed different types of foundations. Students were exposed to various soil improvement techniques. The studio enabled students to conceptualize the behaviour of different types of soils and design a suitable type of foundation for a structure.

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