Faculty: Mohammedayazkhan Pathan

TA: Darshil Patalia

Abstraction | Tectonics | Form

This studio unit aimed to explore the process of transformation through several levels of interpretation, whereby the abstraction?-aided metamorphosis of experiential data results in architectural form and space. Through a variety of design stages and the use of natural objects or phenomena as inspiration, students created an architectural form with a foundation in ?Architectural Tectonics.?

The first half of the studio, titled ?Abstraction?, involved developing abstract ideas from a ?topic? selected by the student. The ?topic? could be an object, a process, or an activity occurring in nature that has a fascinating play of forces. At the end of this stage, students suggest an architectural form by synthesising the needs of the given site and program along with the abstract models derived from the ?abstraction? stage.

The second half, titled ?Tectonics,? concentrate on creating a structural system, building materials, details, and technologies that are suitable for the architectural form that was determined at the conclusion of the Abstraction stage. In order to reach the ultimate built form, where the act of ?Making? is celebrated, the students worked with both digital and physical models as well as detail drawings.