Faculty: Nilang Pandya | Shirishkumar Patel

TA: Kajal Patel

Design in Detail

This studio looks at the practice of design, with the aim of taking ideas to reality. Design is essentially a sum of its details and we explored how these details work together to make a meaningful architecture.The idea is to find the underlying functional and design intent, and design process, through the details of buildings. The articulation of ideas into drawings, developed, communicated and then made is the art of building well.
Starting through observing, deconstructing and documenting an existing building, students understood design intentions, and the sometimes concealed interactions of structure, materials and services.The studio design problem focused on creating a small-scale institution. Students developed the design from concept to execution, concluding with construction drawings and large scale part models. In parallel, they studied details of ongoing construction sites and learnt about real?-life execution of design intent.

Founded on their learning from the deconstruction of an existing building, they developed an architectural design from concept to working drawings? through the sequence, they learnt the importance of required elements at various scales, how to develop appropriate details, and to represent their ideas through drawings and model making.

Studio Unit


Design Drawings

Design Drawings

Detail Models