Faculty: Deepa Maheshwari

TA: Sankalpa Patel

Designed Ecologies

Urbanization's relentless march exerts mounting pressure on the natural world and its delicate processes. Consequently, pockets of conflict emerge as highly stressed areas, necessitating a thorough and compassionate approach. These conflict zones give rise to ecological disturbances and leave a mark on our societal fabric. In response to these challenges, the imperative of our time is to introduce innovative paradigms of designed ecology. This approach aims to rebuild, support, and restore gradually fragmenting landscapes, resembling intricate mosaics.
These deliberately crafted ecosystems require time to mature and typically result from a myriad of dynamic interactions across various scales, encompassing socio-economic and bio?physical processes. The city?s ability to adapt and its resilience, measured by the degree of change it can tolerate before reorganizing itself into a new configuration, heavily rely on these interactions.

In this studio, students embarked on a journey of self?-exploratory research, providing a solid foundation for their proposals, and delved into design strategies for implementing the research findings. They selected their own project sites in different cities and address the aforementioned issues. Each project was thus unique, that allowed thr students to conduct guided research and to develop viable and sustainable solutions.

Studio Unit

Site locations-11 sites in 7States & 2 UT

Site Analysis

Conceptual explorations

Master Plan

Master plan