Faculty: Jigna Desai

TA: Ann Shojan

Equity, Agency and Proximity in Architecture

Architecture, in most cases, is seen as an intellectual exercise that operates in the realms of thought experiments and ideologies. In practice, however, architecture needs to respond to contingencies brought on by meanings of places, concerns for equity and resource boundaries. This studio addresses this question of contingencies in design and detailing by engaging closely with complex sites in the city of Ahmedabad.

The studio was one long project divided in four parts, where the first part introduced the site with all its complexities. The second part got into tools and methods of engaging with the place and its stakeholders to understand the contingencies of the site. During this time, the participants also identified feedback mechanisms that were used to test their interventions. Part three dealt with transformative interventions and part four focused on testing the intervention through feedback loops developed during part two. With this studio, the participants learnt to identify contingencies that affect the architecture tectonic and arrive at tools and methods to address them in a particular context. The participants were also able to critically articulate their individual agency as architects and the collective role of the profession.

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