Faculty: Vishwanath Kashikar

TA: Parita Upadhyaya

The Practice

Every design project in academia is a fresh beginning?- a new tutor, a new site, a new program. In the profession, design practices formulate ideologies that affect all projects. This studio is an attempt to simulate architectural practice in academics. We formulated an ideology based on multiple readings, analysis of multiple offices, and in class discussions in the first 4 weeks of the studio. Two concurrent design projects were introduced in the next stage-? a 12 week self initiated project that had the potential to manifest students ideology, a 4 week group project assigned by the tutor, designed to test students response to an unanticipated project.

The studio culminated in a website highlighting the vision, projects and structure of students architectural practice.
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Studio Unit

The studio is structured in 3 parts- 5 weeks to arrive at a value statement for their practice, 10 weeks for designing 2 buildings based on this value, and 1 week of reflection and modifications

students arrived at their value statements after book readings, office visit analysis and much soul searching!

Based on the value statement, students designed a design process that they felt did justice to their value

they then designed 2 projects based on this design process- a dream project of their choice and a client project that was common for all students