Faculty: Naandi Parikh

TA: Pari Mistry

Beyond Detail

The emergence of ambient Internet access technologies has resulted in substantial changes in the domain of retail. When consumers opt to patronize brick-and-mortar establishments as opposed to internet purchasing, they have high expectations for immersive encounters that extend beyond just product exhibitions. They promote the implementation of innovative engagements between suppliers and customers. The fundamental nature of innovative retail design resides in the delivery of unique and original experiences.
The primary objective of the Beyond Detail Studio is to examine the difficulty of creating retail settings that evoke strong emotions at every stage of the process, including the overall design and the most intricate details. Significant emphasis will be placed on generating the precise details required to deliver the superior retail experience that is now sought after.
The studio work was conducted in three stages

1. Research: Following the process of selecting and studying a well-established brand, students are required to find any other popular brands and conduct a comprehensive research of these brands in order to develop a store design.

2. Design: Following this, the fundamental concepts and characteristics of this innovative brand will be translated into a conceptual framework for a 100 square meter retail space.

3. Detail:Ultimately, a comprehensive, intricate design will be formulated. The design will involve the creation of technical construction drawings, which will include plans, sections, and elevations for all components. These drawings will address the utilization of various technologies, materials, joints, and finishes.

Studio Unit


Layout development

Display system

Details and Prototype