Faculty: Dexter Pereira

TA: Bhakti Shah

Innovative Office Design: Navigating Tech and Identity

The evolution of workspaces, closely linked to industrialization, has reached a pivotal point with the rise of the service industry and technological advancements like 5G. Modern office design, once an afterthought, is now integral to corporate strategies. The competitive edge offered by innovative workspace design has driven constant change.

This studio exposed students to the nuances of office design, exploring department functionalities, their interplay, and the ever evolving corporate office landscape. It delved into how interior design can convey a company's identity within the office environment, utilizing furniture systems, spatial arrangements, materials, and graphics. The incorporation of technology systems (HVAC, lighting, safety, security, connectivity) within the design was explored. Students applied this knowledge to design a midsized large (1800-2100 sqm) office space, incorporating space planning, services and interior detailing.

The culmination included an extensive presentation, emphasizing the essentials for corporate clients, comprehensive plans, sections, 3D visualizations, and material boards. This studio empowered students to craft office spaces that seamlessly integrate function, aesthetics, and technological innovation.