Faculty: Hiloni Sutaria | Kireet Patel

TA: Nidhi Ratani

Parameterising in Interior Design

The Studio intends to explore emerging technology and fabrication techniques to explore the student?s imagination as a space-making exercise in the interior design process. As a profession, we have not fully made use of or integrated into the technology of the current times and hence we see a lot of unnecessary risk, health hazards and old school methodologies prevalent in the profession. Increased connectivity has made it all the more imminent that we adapt to new age inferences to make sure that we leave a mark of our own. Keeping this idea in the forefront this studio explored various technologically advanced construction methodologies with the end idea in mind to be able to explore any type of design to its fullest. Each exercise pushed the boundaries on exploring the design to the individual?s fullest identity. The studio will equipped the individuals with tools to be able to execute these designs as they have imagined. The final outcome demonstrated an exploration of student?s identity, culture, context using technology for algorithmically advanced outputs.

Studio Unit

Studio Pedagogy

Decoding Parameters from Nature

Spatial Perception of Parametrizing

Contextualizing Parameters to Site and Program

Contextualizing Parameters to Site and Program