Faculty: Shreya Kaul

TA: Shaily Bhavsar

Live, Learn, Play: Child-Centred Urbanscapes

Children form an integral component of the city's population yet are the most vulnerable in the urban environments. Addressing the topics of ?spatial justice? and ?spatial inclusion? is apposite to manifesting the voices of children in the process of how we build and navigate our cities.

The aim of the studio was to incorporate the knowledge of Placemaking for investigating the design of Child-Friendly Cities. Examining the key principles of Placemaking ? Design from Context, Design for Communities, and Design for Transformation ? the students proposed urban interventions for an urban ward in the city of Ahmedabad Investigating the public realm in the neighbourhoods through the lens of children, the studio focused on the integrated triad of ?Live, Learn, Play?: Housing, Schools, and Playareas.

The degree of complexities during the study included
i) examining the existing thresholds and accessibility of built environments like buildings, streets, public spaces, etc.
ii) exploring child-centred design solutions, and
iii) proposing built interventions that address factors of health, safety, mobility, public infrastructure, etc. Documentation and analysis of the neighbourhood was supported by workshops with children for co-designing and symbiotic learning engagements.