Faculty: Ashish Tiwari | Radhika Amin

Generative Techniques for Urban Place Making

Urban population explosion, both due to rural-urban migration and growth, will demand 3000 new cities in the next 20-30 years. A major concern for these will be their ability to incorporate high density without compromising the spatial quality; and cope with global climatic and ecological changes. The studio, this semester, will investigate development of a high density mixed-use urban block, largely focusing on the issues of live-work communities.
The studio formulates tools for urban place-making using planning principles and urban sample studies and decodes them to algorithms for urban form-generation. The aim is to generate design responses embedded with intelligence of climate, social-organization and infrastructure. Using computational means to define and ‘design’ inter-relationships between network–infrastructure–people and environment; we let the form ‘emerge’ as a resultant. We test multiple design variations directing it towards ‘fit population’ (evolutionary computation).