Faculty: Ravi Kashyap | Hiten Chavda

TA: Faraaz Ahmad

Climate Responsive Architecture

This studio sought a resolution of a building keeping in view a strong climate response. The primary issue to be dealt with was of achieving a comfort zone in the extreme site and climatic context. This studio demanded a resolution of the fundamentals of energy efficiency in buildings, both intuitive and scientific. It adopted a diagrammatic approach for resolution of issues related to form and sustainability.
The design problem was that of an institute building that exhibits environment-responsive architecture with sustainable development goals. The project tried to tackle an energy independent, water positive campus that manages all its solid and liquid waste on site.
The studio worked through an understanding of passive architectural features and material studies. This was further strengthened through climate analysis and thermal simulation software, to resolve efficient spaces and building envelopes. The exercise culminated in designing an architecturally resolved building responding strongly to the local climate. Hence students learned design conceptualization, design development and detailing with a central focus on passive building techniques.